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The Rune Algiz, symbol of protection, healing and rebirth, is the fulcrum of reflection for the realization of the work. To this are added symbols linked to ancient philosophies, aimed at emphasizing the positive message linked to the search for one's own identity, following a path of transformation. The title WABI-SABI (from the Japanese) translates as "the beauty of imperfect things": our appearance is transitory, but the beauty of emotions is able to show our inner light.

In 2018, Rabarama comes in contact with the Fondazione Face3Dbo, ONLUS, which is aimed at research in maxillofacial surgery. Close to their cause with the heart, the Artist creates a terracotta mask entitled "Wabi-Sabi", a unique example, donated to the charity Foundation, so that the research can continue and bring a smile back to those who have finally found their health.

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