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4th of April, 2017
Meeting with the artista at Ferrowine (Castelfranco Veneto) in occasion of the series of meeting "L'Arte Vince su tutto"
25th of August, 2017
Exclusive Art Cocktail
Rabarama at Luxury Fashion Hotel Ambra Cortina for an evening dedicated to art and luxury - thanks to Ambra Cortina and Luigi Proietti Art Gallery
30th of September, 2017
Final in Merano of the Rabarama Skin Art Festival in which Rabarama is godmother and part of the jury
5th of October, 2017 - 22nd of October, 2017
Rabarama Expositie
Opening of the personal exhibition of the artist at Van Loon Galleries in Vught (The Netherlands)
09th of November, 2017 - 26th of November, 2017
Biennale Brabant, Tilburg (The Netherlands) with Van Loon Galleries
Biennale Brabant
Exclusive Art Cocktail
Ars Omnia Vincit
Rabarama at Van Loon Galleries
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