Draw Light is a great studio specializing in augmented reality and image mapping. Together we have achieved in 2011 the first experiment of a live mapping with 360 ° images on a sculpture.

For the first time ever, a bronze sculpture comes alive: "Bozzolo" (Cocoon), one of the most famous works of Rabarama. On the skin of the sculpture - coated in white for the occasion and without any incision - were screened in 3D some of the symbols used by the artist, as if to merge the themes dear to Rabarama on the skin of a single motionless body ... Art and technology go hand in hand toward a common goal: to amaze!
Through the use of special projectors we were able to transfer CG images on the sculpture. The result is amazing. The work takes a second skin, which changes continuously in real time.
With this last embodiment, the team has pushed beyond its limits for the design of a new projection system that has never been created before.
The sculpture was part of the exhibition ANTICOnforme Rabarama in Florence, complex 'The Pagliere' (by Machiavelli) and was visible for three months, until September, 2011.

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