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In March 20, 2015 in Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil  will stage a great show to support  One Drop foundation in its struggle to ensure access to safe water to all those who have none. At the soireé are invited world-class VIPs, artists and celebrities: from Italy there will be the artist Rabarama that will also donate one of her important works for the charity auction to benefit the foundation.

One Drop foundation was born a few years ago thanks to the founder and owner of the Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté (also known for being one of the first private citizen to make a space trip, thirty-nine days aboard the International Space Station).

The event, entitled One Night for One Drop, is celebrated on March 20, 2015 in Las Vegas, in the vicinity of the World Water Day, to ensure the support and funding of One Drop foundation, which is currently engaged in projects of water-supply  (in Africa, Central America and India) involving approximately one million people that are finally coming out of constant water scarcity.

The combination of philanthropy, art and entertainment is dued to the personality of Guy Laliberté, for his life experience and his passion for contemporary art (in his collection also works by Rabarama): his career began as a street fire-eater and today is one of the richest people in the world, inventor and leader of the world's most famous circus.

Laiberté is an admirer of Rabarama who was invited to the important event again this year, as told by the artist: "Since some years I personally know Guy Laliberte, owner of Cirque du Soleil and founder of One Drop: an extraordinary person who has turned his childhood dream in a great reality, the best circus in the world, never forgetting those in need. His dedication to the cause for assisting people who suffer because of the lack of drinking water (one in three people in the world) is admirable and I am proud to be working in this noble initiative. "

Also this year the event in Las Vegas will be the biggest show of 2015, combining all the best artists and professionals of the Cirque in a unique choral performance, before the eyes of personalities taking part from all over the world and in favor of those who suffer thirst and water-borne diseases, problems that will be expected to worsen in coming decades also becoming one of the biggest threats to peace,  according to many climate-change scenarios.

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