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Rabarama collaborates with the talented photographer Annamaria Bortolozzo ( in the realization of these shots that tell the path of a work when they are delivered to the foundry: we start from the realization of the silicone mold, in which it is cast a particular dark wax, to obtain a copy of the work that is retouched by hand from time to time. Once the definition of the wax is finished (by reviewing the imperfect points and redefining the engravings), the so-called "boccami" and a "vase" are added which will allow the bronze to reach every centimeter of the sculpture. The wax is covered with white ceramic which is then baked in an oven. After this step, when the ceramic is still hot, it is buried and covered with sand, waiting for the molten bronze to be poured inside. In this way, the wax melts leaving room for the bronze (which is why it is called "lost wax casting"), which must then cool. Once solid, the work is extracted from the ceramic, destroying the latter, and the imperfections of the casting are chiseled. Finally, depending on the type of sculpture, we proceed with polishing or fire patination.

It is a very long work, carried out in an artisanal way and which requires a lot of mastery, and, thanks to the decades of experience of the foundries with which Rabarama works, the final product is of the highest quality and prestige. A heartfelt thanks to the Venturi Arte foundries of Bologna ( and Fonderia Artistica Guastini of Vicenza ( for allowing the realization of this project within their companies, and another heartfelt thanks to Annamaria Bortolozzo for making it possible.

Fonderia Venturi Arte - click on the picture for the album

Rabarama by Annamaria Bortolozzo

Fonderia Artistica Guastini - click on the picture for the album

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